­­National Scholarships

These scholarships are open for Omani nationals to complete their first degree in a university or a college in Oman, identified by the scholarship administration in Takatuf Oman.

The award of the national scholarships will be offered through a rigorous selection process that will be followed by extensive support and monitoring during your undergraduate studies to help you succeed. Your tuition fees will be paid in full. In addition, you will be receiving a monthly allowance to help you manage your personal expenses.

The programme has established partnerships with a number of private universities, such as the German University of Technology in Oman (GuTech), Muscat University, National University of Science and Technology, University of Nizwa, Dhofar University) as well as a few colleges (College of Banking and Financial Studies, Modern Colleges of Business and Science, Majan University College), to maximise the value of support and monitoring process to a cohort of students in each institution.

Application, Selection and Eligibility

Applications are submitted via an online application platform to be considered for a scholarship. Subsequently, you will be evaluated using tests to assess your English language proficiency and preparation for learning at a tertiary level. There will be a written element in the selection process in addition to an interview. All assessments will be in English. This process leads to identifying students who will receive offers for the national scholarships, but the final offer will be contingent upon the students final scores on their General Education Diploma.

  • This scholarship is available to Omani nationals who are registered in Grade 12 at the point of application..
  • Applicants must have earned 75% in the overall average of their General Education Diploma and a score C or above in English (based in the last available transcript.)
  • To be considered for the programme, the student must complete the application process in English and upload all required documents. Incomplete applications or those not submitted in English will not be considered.