The Takatuf Scholars Programme Checklist for Application

STEP 1: Completing the online Personal Information and Application Form

  • Review the information on what is involved in The Takatuf Scholars Programme, and consider whether this is an opportunity you would wish to pursue and a commitment you would be prepared to make if you are successful
  • Note the deadline for completing and submitting the online application form as announced.
  • Review the online application form carefully
  • Review your Grade 11 mid-semester transcript to establish your eligibility:
    • Do you have a grade of C or more in your English class?
    • Is your overall average in your mid-semester grades 70% or above? If you have received letter grades, please ask your teacher or your Career Guidance Specialist to help you convert your grades to numeric scores.
  • Ensure that you have provided accurate information in all required fields. You will not be able to submit the online application form if you have not completed the form properly and attached the documents as directed
  • Provide additional information to the fullest extent possible
  • Make sure that you have your Grade 11 mid-term transcript ready in a form that you can upload and attach to the online application form
  •  Review the Parent’s/Guardian’s Consent Form with your parent/guardian, and have it signed and ready to attach as directed
  • Read the Attestation and Signature ‘Terms and Conditions’ carefully, and indicate your agreement as directed
  • Upload all required documents
  • Submit the completed form and wait for your confirmation of receipt and Takatuf Scholars ID number. If you do not receive a confirmation, send a message to


    STEP 2: Testing

    All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be asked to complete an English language placement test and a reasoning ability test under invigilated testing conditions.
    Applicants will be assigned testing locations and dates.
    Should your school be using a system other than the ones indicated above, please email The Takatuf Scholars Programme at